Self Defense Training: The Forms Of

Self defense training has slowly grown as one of the highest sought out and attended training classes over the past forty years. This is because violent crimes have slowly climbed over those forty years, and people are realizing that it would be good to know how to defend yourself. There are many forms of self defense, because, well let's face it, not everyone requires the same type of training.

One form of self defense training involves firearms. Firearms training teaches the proper way to not only fire a gun, but how to maintain the firearm and safely store it. Whether a person uses a rifle training, shotgun training, submachine gun training, or other type of handgun training, a person must understand these techniques to properly defend himself or his family.

Another form of self defense training is martial arts training. Today there are numerous forms of martial arts training. Martial arts teach not only empty-handed defense techniques, but techniques when handling edged weapons as well.

Another form of self defense training involves an age old technique that is still taught by the military and police officials. This is hand-to-hand defensive combat. This teaches a person how to defend themselves, and potentially disarm an attacker, when a weapon is not available to themselves.

Another form of self defense training, although not commonly thought of to be self defense, is defensive driving. Most people do not consider themselves to be in any danger when in their car or on the road, however a motor vehicle is one of the most dangerous weapons a person has. However, if taught how to properly act in a threatened situation, the motor vehicle can also be used as a defensive device.

All of these self defense training classes are available in a numerous amount of places. One such place is Dr. Ignatius Piazza's training institute Front Sight, where all of the above mentioned training is available. These classes are available for anyone who wises to seek the training that a person may need to defend himself and his family in today's society.

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