Rifle Training in our Schools

Rifle Training in the past has not been as popular as other forms of firearms training or self defense training. Firearms training, although more popular for adults, is important to our teens as well. In the past many organizations refused to teach children or teens proper firearms training, let alone rifle training.

However, today, one training institution has stepped up their training program and is offering guided, professional firearms training to children who are five years and older, including teenagers. This institute is Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, which was founded by Dr. Ignatius Piazza in 1996. But, Front Sight is not only offering training classes to our families.

It was written in the Reform America article on this site that Front Sight is offering free firearms training to any school administrator, teacher, or full time staff member designated as School Safety Monitors. This offer is designed to give our school officials free handgun training, rifle training or shotgun training as a need to not antagonize our students, but to protect them from those individuals who mean them harm. Some believe that had select school officials been properly trained and armed during the Virginia Tech, Columbine, or any of the other school shootings, not as many of our children would have perished. It is not about keeping the dangerous away from weapons, but instead about providing further safety for our children. That is why Front Sight continues to strive to provide only the best rifle training, shotgun training, handgun training, and even self defense training today. As quoted in Reform America, "Society is safer when we train and arm our law abiding citizens."

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