Gun Training: Loading and Unloading the Automatic Pistol

Gun training, whether you are an experienced shooter or a newcomer to the sport, must be taken extremely seriously. Dr. Ignatius Piazza would agree, which is one reason he began the now industry-leading gun training center, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. As each shooter differs, so does each gun. An automatic pistol for example is very unlike a rifle or a shotgun. A person must take extra caution when loading and unloading the automatic pistol. (Disclaimer: These instructions are for example only and should not be used in replacement of actual firearms training or gun training. This is not a handgun training document, and it is not intended as a substitute of an actual Front Sight firearms training course.)

First, the shooter should pick up the gun in his shooting hand, keeping his trigger finger away from the trigger and keeping the firearm pointed towards the ground and away from others. Next, the shooter must engage the safety. Once the safety has been engaged, and with the thumb of the shooting hand, the shooter will push the clip release. Then with the thumb and forefinger, he will remove the clip. After putting the gun down and loading the clip with ammunition, the shooter will pick up the gun again with his shooting hand. With his on-shooting hand, he will pick up the clip and load it firmly into the gun's stock. Once loaded, the safety can be released. Now that the clip has been loaded, the shooter will use his non-shooting hand to pull the slide back then releasing it quickly. This allows a round to be loaded into the chamber. The final step is to lower the hammer gently.

After firing the firearm, it must be unloaded. To unload, the shooter will engage the safety with his non-shooting hand and the remove the magazine using the steps earlier discussed. Once removed, the shooter will put the clip down and release the safety. With his non-shooting hand, the shooter must then pull the slide back and lock it in the opened position. Doing this enables the shooter to look into the chamber for left over ammunition. If any ammunition remains in the gun, then the shooter will remove it. If not, the firearm is now empty and can be stored away. Go to Front Sight to have Ignatius Piazza's expert staff teach you to become an expert with your firearm.

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