Firearms Training: Handling the Single Action Revolver

Firearms training begins to become more specific as we look into the different guns that are used today. One specific aspect for the single action revolver involves the handling of the handgun. The single action revolver has three basic steps when picking up and handling the gun. To learn first hand and be taught by the best firearms training instuctors in America, go to a class at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, founded by Ignatius Piazza. (Disclaimer: These instructions are for example only and should not be used in replacement of actual firearms training or gun training. This is not a handgun training document, and it is not intended as a substitute of an actual Front Sight firearms training course.)

Step one is to pick up the handgun normally, with a steady grip. Remember to keep your trigger finger off of the trigger. When handling any firearm, you always keep your trigger finger off of the trigger until you are ready to actually use it. By keeping your finger alongside the frame of the gun, You minimize the risk of accidentally discharging the gun.

Step two is to ensure the hammer is in the down position or uncocked. If the shooter looks at the weapon and sees the hammer is in fact cocked, then the shooter must uncock it. The shooter would simply grab the hammer with the thumb of his free hand, pull it backwards, then pull the trigger and gently lower the hammer.

Step three is to check to see if the handgun is loaded. To do this, the shooter would take his thumb from his free hand, open the cylinder release and rotate the cylinder one notch at a time. As the shooter rotates the cylinder, he would look into each cartridge cylinder to ensure there is not a bullet located within. After all cartridges have been checked, the shooter then closes the cylinder with his thumb.

With these simple firearm safety steps regarding the revolver, a person can safely handle a handgun. Firearms training is also available at many training schools across the country. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute was founded by Ignatius Piazza and trains more students than all other shooting schools in America combined, so to say the least, it’s popular. They have a top-notch handgun training and self defense training program.

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