Concealed Carry Training For All Teachers is Front Sight’s Solution

While you might think that your fourth grade math teacher was scary way back then, imagine if you knew that three of your teachers – you don’t know who – had concealed carry training and were packing heat right now. Don’t you think you’d be a bit more respectful of all the teachers, not being sure who the three were that got the training? Don’t you think that you’d be more willing to study what they tell you to? Don’t you think you’d feel safer, knowing that it would be an idiot who would draw a weapon in these halls?

That’s what Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of America’s leader in gun training, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, thinks. Concealed carry training is what is needed in all schools of America, if you listen to Dr. Piazza. And he is so certain of this that he is willing to train three teachers from any and all school districts for free. After a background check and an official, top-of-the-school-district-signed permission form, of course.

Dr. Piazza says that if we can arm our teachers and get them concealed carry training, school shootings would stop. In the article in Reform America, Dave Clark, who recently retired after teaching for the last 25 years at Junction Junior High School in Livermore, California agreed with Front Sight's philosophy.

“Front Sight provides safe and responsible training to a level that exceeds law enforcement standards,” said Mr. Clark. “Among the many lessons taught, I learned universally accepted rules in justifiable use of deadly force. More importantly, I learned when not to shoot and how to be more mentally prepared to see a lethal confrontation coming before it happens in order to avoid it. The firearms training is second to none and clearly gives the graduates the skill needed to save the lives of those in their charge if ever attacked. If my school district chose to adopt a policy of sending selected teachers to Front Sight for concealed weapon training, I would wholeheartedly support it and volunteer as a Safety Monitor. There is no reason for our children to continue to be victimized when free, professional training is available to stop school attacks.”

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